a film exploring the art & science of modern paperfolding


A big week for Community Cinema!

Free screenings in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Seattle and many other cities.  Join us!

Most screenings will be followed by panel discussions and demonstrations by local artists as well as artists featured in the film.  Check local venues for details.

Thanks to everyone who attended and help make this happen. Community Cinema is an incredible program!


Wow! That was the first word that came to my mind as people kept flowing into the St. Louis History Museum for the screening of BETWEEN THE FOLDS last evening. This was Community Cinema at its finest. Approximately 340 people showed up for the viewing of the film and I was amazed watching the diversity of people fill the auditorium and overflow onto the steps and the sides of the theater. People of all ages laughed and clapped at various parts of the film, signaling they understood what the artists were trying to communicate to them.
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More than 100 audience members sat down to fold following the screening at the Missiour History Museum.

More than 100 audience members sat down to fold following the screening at the Missiour History Museum.

Marquee at the Exploratorium's McBean Theater

Marquee at the Exploratorium's McBean Theater

Executive Producer Sally Rosenthal and designer Rie Yamaoka

Executive Producer Sally Rosenthal and designer Rie Yamaoka


The Roxie after the second screening; Photo by Jeff Rutzky.


Display at the Exploratorium; Photo by Jeff Rutzky.


At the Roxie October 17 & 19
In attendance for Q&A will be featured artists Chris K Palmer, Michael LaFosse, Richard Alexander and Bernie Peyton, as well as Executive Producer Sally Rosenthal and Director Vanessa Gould.
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The jury of the 2009 SCINEMA Film Festival has awarded Between the Folds the honor of BEST FILM.

SCINEMA, a science film, video and multimedia festival, brings a rich film program as well as a number of guest speakers to 150+ towns and venues throughout Australia – from Cairns to Hobart, and Sydney to Perth – as part of National Science Week, August 15 – 23, 2009.

Festival director Cris Kennedy contacted us with the good news, passing along the jury’s statement, honoring the film:

“…for so elegantly and succinctly capturing the science of art and the art of science.”

We’re extremely humbled by this award and we promise to post a photo of it upon its arrival in Brooklyn, which – we hear – is a “hand-crafted trophy that doubles as a kaleidoscope, made from Australian timbers”!!

It will probably sit next to the Granny Award (a large mass of granite) which we won in New Hampshire (The Granite State)!


ITVS’s Community Cinema has selected Between the Folds as one of the 9 monthly films for its fantastic national film series.

The film will tour cities across the country throughout the month of November 2009 for FREE screenings at libraries, museums and other public spaces.

Each screening will include a post-film panel for broader audience discussion.  We’re exceptionally thrilled that Between the Folds, along with ITVS and Community Cinema and viewers across the country, will be part of a growing interdisciplinary dialogue about art, design, math, science and creativity.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll have more details on dates, times and venues. Check back for more information.

Last week, ITVS held a retreat at its San Francisco HQ to discuss the upcoming Community Cinema season and meet with filmmakers and ITVS staff, including our very own fabulous executive producer, Sally Rosenthal.

Sally blogged about the day here on the Community Cinema website.


Community Cinema is the largest civic engagement program in broadcast television, featured in over 50 cities nationwide. Screenings are followed by lively panel discussions that bring together citizens, organizations and public television stations to encourage dialogue and action around important and timely social issues.