a film exploring the art & science of modern paperfolding


The jury of the 2009 SCINEMA Film Festival has awarded Between the Folds the honor of BEST FILM.

SCINEMA, a science film, video and multimedia festival, brings a rich film program as well as a number of guest speakers to 150+ towns and venues throughout Australia – from Cairns to Hobart, and Sydney to Perth – as part of National Science Week, August 15 – 23, 2009.

Festival director Cris Kennedy contacted us with the good news, passing along the jury’s statement, honoring the film:

“…for so elegantly and succinctly capturing the science of art and the art of science.”

We’re extremely humbled by this award and we promise to post a photo of it upon its arrival in Brooklyn, which – we hear – is a “hand-crafted trophy that doubles as a kaleidoscope, made from Australian timbers”!!

It will probably sit next to the Granny Award (a large mass of granite) which we won in New Hampshire (The Granite State)!

ARTStem, at the Kenan Institute, hosted a screening of Between the Folds this past weekend as part of its annual conference exploring the intersection of math, science and art.  The conference – whose initiative, in their words, is “inspired by artists and scholars who efface the lines between “the arts” and the “STEM” disciplines of science, engineering, technology, and mathematics” – followed the screening with an open conversation for all attending participants.

On July 26, the Bridges Organization will screen Between the Folds at its annual conference in Banff, Canada.

Featured artists and scientists Dr. Robert J. Lang, Dr. Erik Demaine, Martin Demaine and Chri K. Palmer will all be in attendance at the screening.

The annual Bridges International Conference brings together practicing mathematicians, scientists, artists, educators, musicians, writers, computer scientists, sculptures, dancers, weavers, and model builders in a lively and highly charged atmosphere of mutual exchange and encouragement.